Fast way to animate 3D model using PixCap and ReadyPlayerMe

Daniel Pikl
2 min readDec 23, 2021

New service just came to market. It’s called PixCap and helps you animate your 3D model using AI technology very fast (and very cheap).

I‘ll describe the whole process in few steps.

First, go and create your 3D avatar using ReadyPlayerMe.

I already have a few avatars here, but for this project I created a new Christmas like the avatar. Hope that brown beard is ok too :)

Export avatar from ReadyPlayerMe and import it in PixCap.


I have ready animation which I want to apply to my avatar.

Animation is then imported in PixCap.

Now you need to run VideoCAP procedure, you have some free credits by default in PixCap :)

In Assets choose Animations and select the animation you just built and Apply to your 3D avatar.

This is how the finished product looks in PixCap.

You can export your 3D model as .fbx, .glb, video (webm) or publish to web for quick watch.

Check animation here:

Thanks for reading, please share :)