Fast transfer of all Campaigns from one Facebook Ads Manager to another

Here is a quick tutorial.

First, go to the current Ad Account, select all Campaigns you want to transfer and then click More - Export All, choose Export as .xlxs.

Open exported .xlxs file in Excell or like me in Google Sheets.

Delete all ID’s (numbers) from these columns (leave the titles in row 1)
- Campaign ID
- Ad Set ID
- Ad ID

Save in Excell or go to File - Download - Microsoft Excell (.xlsx) in Google Sheets.

Then go to Ads Manager and in the navigation, choose Media Library.

In Media Library clik on Ad Account…

AR Watch by Daniel Pikl
AR Watch by Daniel Pikl

For some time I wanted to create Augmented Reality for watches on hand testing. The effect should have options to fit on your wrist and user should be able to switch between watch models or watch the colors.

I saw in the past lot of similar applications, but all were app dependent, something I’m not a big fan. Some of them have ML and hand recognition, which is an awesome feature in this case.I …

How to make wearable sneakers for Snapchat?

Virtual clothes and footwear are in full swing.

Snapchat as a platform has gone the furthest because it has the most developed ML and body recognition system with which you can recognize not only the face, hands, but also the feet or the whole body.

Surely during the lockdown you looked sadly in online catalogs with new sneaker models and thought about the day when stores will open so you can try them out and of course buy them. …

How to make a 3D model of an object from everyday life that can later be consumed as an Augmented Reality effect on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat?

That was the question I had a few months ago.

I have seen similar projects and I was thrilled with what edible AR food looks like. I set myself the task of learning how doing it.

The goal is to make an “edible” 3D model that will be displayed in AR.

Windows 3D viewer

In my many years of work, I have experience with various graphics processing programs, raster and vector, the entire Adobe package, as well as with various 3D programs, which certainly helped me in the process of making 3d models. As you’ll read below, I have used multiple applications throughout…

Daniel Pikl

MarTech 🚀 Chatbots 🤖 AR 👁

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